Sometimes a place can set the clocks back–a million years back. To a time before asphalt, and Netflix binges, and carefully pressed coffee. Before anyone cared about staying on top of a week’s worth of laundry, or clearing hundreds of emails out of an inbox. And sometimes, that’s exactly what I need. Not an escape, […]

“Liam, come here. I am about to do something very dangerous and I want you to see it.” Scarlett took her baby brother by the hand and led him into another room. Hearing the words “very dangerous” piqued my interest, so I peeked in. From the bed to the wall, she had used masking tape to position […]

Dear Mason, Slow down. Please? Time is slipping through my fingers. I blink and everything is different. I’m even late with this post. You’re officially a teenager, although I know I’ve been calling you one for a while now. We hung out on Lanikai beach Saturday. It’s the one place that I can call paradise, and […]

I never thought I would one day live in Hawaii. It seemed like a nice place to visit and marvel at in postcards. But living on an island chain surrounded by thousands of miles of Pacific? Sounded limiting. But we made the move out of necessity, and three years later, are thankful for the experience. […]

I once saw a photo depicting the stunning death of a star. It looked like an enormous purple cloud, pulsing blue in its core. A core that was both dying and giving birth to new stars. The star embraced death with explosive fanfare. Cyclic. We’ve been thinking a lot about birth and death in our […]

  This week, Scarlett started ballet. We’ve driven past the studio for years and talked about how great it would be to sign her up. “I would learn how to do THIS!” She would exclaim, twirling around on her tippy toes. So I finally walked over, Scarlett in one hand, determined to register her for […]

This weekend we flew to Kona for my cousin’s wedding. It’s a short, inter-island flight. But once you land, the environment feels like another planet. The Gold Coast of Hawaii is dry and   home to miles of old lava rock. Some jagged and nearly impossible to walk across, and others smooth. So smooth that […]