Goodbye Summer & Other Farewells

Even though I live in a place of eternal sunshine, Summer has come to an end. We are now hustling and shuffling and packing school lunches before bed. We are attending orientations and signing mountains of paperwork.

As of this week, Scarlett is officially a Kindergartner, and about a foot taller than everyone else in her class. She is like the giant landing on the island of Lilliput.

On her first day, she proudly introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Scarlett and I’m really smart.” Whoa confidence! She’s been worried that she doesn’t read chapter books like her brothers, so she had to get that off her chest, like, I may not be able to read those crazy chapter books, but don’t worry, I got those letters covered.

I can’t believe Scarlett is now in elementary school. Farewell, babyhood.

We ended summer with a BBQ at the beach. Splashing and eating.

Here is a picture of Liam looking like a stealth ninja:

Ethan hung out with his BFF, who called him a few days later and sadly announced they didn’t get placed in the same 5th grade class:

He also found out that he was assigned to eat at a table in the cafeteria (“in the way WAY back”) away from his friends and surrounded by kids who “just play with their trash.” But on a positive note, he loves his teacher, who is very kind-hearted and apparently rewards students in “Frog Bucks,” which Ethan is stoked about.

“What do you get to buy with your Frog Bucks?” I asked.

“I don’t know. We haven’t set up the store yet, but it’s going to be awesome!”

Goodbye 4th grade. You have nothing on 5th grade and its frog bucks.

In other news, time hasn’t skipped Mason. He is now in 7th grade, which means he is three years from being able to drive a car and five years from college. My mind is blown.

He is also attending a new school that is housed in one of the most beautiful buildings downtown. I’ve always loved the building, from the moment I moved here, and I’m not sure why. It was built in the 1920s and still retains so many details of the era, which I love. I’ve learned that the architect was Julia Morgan (one of only a handful of women architects in her day), who is rumored to have lived off of Hershey’s bars. Apparently, Laniākea (as the building is called) was her favorite design of her career. When so many men told her she should pursue something else, she didn’t let sexism in the industry derail her.

Julia once said, “My buildings will be my legacy… they will speak for me long after I’m gone.”

And so they have. I think I now know why I love that building. Farewell, Julia. & Farewell Summer. Onward we go.


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  1. Your kids are so adorable. And this made we a little wistful. When summers come to an end, it always reminds me that my “babies” are growing up too. Sigh.

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